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How To Confidently Achieve Your Goals Every Week



How many times have you ended up on a Friday, looking back on your week thinking “What Did I Actually Achieve this Week”?
And not coming up with as many answers as you would like?!

One of the things that makes your Fridays so much better is being able to identify, acknowledge and celebrate what you have managed to achieve during the week ?

Funny thing is, there isn’t even that much extra work involved because we are channeling the same amount energy, just in a more purposeful way that is more likely to get results!

If you want to feel more productive, focused and energised this week, here is a 3 step guide to getting things done:

1) Today, make a list of what you would like to achieve this week.

2) Choose three things you are absolutely determined to achieve by the end of the week.
It’s important to be VERY specific & realistic about what you want to do. This helps you become more focussed and ensures that you know exactly what you’re aiming for AND you’ll also know when you’ve achieved them…

3) Make them a priority – Decide what actions/resources are needed to help you to achieve these goals. Schedule them on your phone, move around other commitments to make the time to get them done.

When we create goals, we are more likely to achieve them if we:

a) Write them down
b) Tell someone (so we feel accountable to ourselves and others)
c) Celebrate the milestones (celebrating 1/3 goals being achieved motivates us to work towards our second goal). Set yourself a small reward for when you achieve things along the way.

I usually set one of my goals as an enabler for the other two so this week, my goal this week is to create time in my calendar for CPD and personal development.

Making this the priority means that it is non negotiable so I will be saying NO to some things that don’t support my goals in order to say YES to learning and development. Balancing out your goals in this way helps you to approach the work you need to do with solid focus..minimising the detractors and setting yourself up for success at the end of the week when you have set out what you said you would achieve

My challenge for you now is to follow this formula and decide what you are going to achieve. What will you make happen this week?!

Your future starts here!

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