Executive coaching isn’t just a service;
it’s a partnership.


At Coach Executive Ireland, we work alongside top-level leaders to help them reach new heights and drive their organizations.

Hear from some of our satisfied clients about how coaching has made a real difference in their lives and careers

I discovered coaching about ten years ago after my wife (who works in H.R.) started using Executive Coaches for their Team of Directors. Sharon had worked with one of the Directors at my wife’s company, so when I said I was looking for a new Coach, my wife suggested I book a consultation. Sharon is by far one of the best Executive Coaches I have engaged so far in my career. Working in sales is a constant pressure, and one mistake could severely impact your quarterly revenue. Because of the pressure of sales targets, I found it challenging to effectively coach my Team because it always seemed to end up with me telling them what to do. I had done Executive Coaching previously, so I knew what to do, but I always reverted to the same behaviour. Through coaching with Sharon, I realised I had become so focused on results that I had neglected to understand the person behind the job. I was creating solutions for them or leading them to the solutions I wanted rather than letting them figure things out for themselves. I had believed I was doing this to save time, but I was wasting more time by having the same conversations week after week. I realised that by making them accountable and challenging them positively to come up with solutions (and, most importantly, being consistent with it), they started to feel empowered, and it showed in the quality of their work. I realised I had treated them like children rather than grown adults who wanted to progress in their careers. The new approach made a huge difference to how the team perceived itself and how I felt as a leader. It was definitely a milestone for me as a leader and I am grateful to have made the shift.

I’ve been working with Sharon for two years now and find her to be warm and engaging, and she always brings positive energy to our sessions, which I value. Her questions constantly (and positively!) challenge me and lead me to solutions and aha moments, which translate to tangible improvements.

Joe O'S
Senior Sales Director, Tech Company

My company engaged Executive Coaching Services to develop the Senior Leadership Team. My main focus was to identify my weaknesses so that I could generally improve as a leader. Although I had attended leadership programmes in the past, I always found that, with the best will in the world, I could only partially implement what I learned into my leadership style. Coaching was different because it was like having a personal trainer – I knew we’d meet biweekly, so I was motivated to do what I’d committed to. Very quickly, my Team started to see changes in how I led meetings, empowering them to find solutions and keeping on top of agreed actions at a company level. I know this because they actively commented on it! This change directly resulted from having worked on these issues during our coaching sessions. Sharon’s style as an Executive Coach is positive, empathetic and empowering. She has a unique ability to get to the heart of a challenge and then quickly bring it to a place of possible solutions, which we work through as part of the session to see the right solution for the particular situation. Inspiring and empowering – highly recommend!

Robert M
Director of Risk Management, Insurance Company

After experiencing an especially tough few months at work, I decided to get executive coaching as I felt ungrounded and, if I’m being honest, was ready to walk away from the job. In my first coaching session with Sharon, she guided me to the realisation that I was utterly exhausted and that the few months prior were beginning to take a toll. In her kind and gentle way, she encouraged me to focus on myself and self-care as a priority. We agreed that she would check in, like an accountability partner so that I would stay on track. Her simple tips around breathing and taking time out to do things I enjoy were a tonic in helping me get back to centre, as was the support to stick with it and not slip back into old habits. By our second session, I was in a much better headspace to work on my feelings about my job. Sitting there, with no judgement or argument, and talking through how I felt was like being given an oxygen tank after having been submerged in water. I felt I could finally breathe, and session by session; it became clear what was causing the stress and fear at work. This resulted in challenging conversations with some of my team members, but with Sharon’s guidance and encouragement, I was well-prepared and ready to accept whatever outcome. Being more assertive and setting boundaries improved my relationship with them and made them realise the value I bring to the company. Conversations that previously ended in a conflict started to become much more constructive because, through coaching, I learned the value of listening and asking valid questions rather than jumping to conclusions. This has been an invaluable approach to improving team spirit and communication. Having Sharon as my Executive Coach has completely changed my perception of my impact on my organisation. I feel more confident and have a clearer vision for myself and my department. This has improved communication, culture and created a more purposeful environment.

Diana F
Director P.R & Marketing Consultancy