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7 Quick Tips to Better Communication during Meetings

Communication Tips:

  1. Be clear and keep a steady pace. Avoid speaking too quickly by taking deep, calming breaths before and during the meeting to remind your body that all is good and there is no need to stress.
  2. Use a structure in your explanations – introduction, middle, conclusion (during which you summarise what you covered and include your call to action.)
  3. Keep it simple – Don’t use jargon. 
  4. Get to the point – no tangents, as you can quickly lose someone’s interest.
  5. Use visual aids if it is a complex issue (whiteboard/paper) – help the other person understand what you are trying to say.
  6. Use body language and vocal variety by changing the tone/pitch of your voice throughout the conversation – show your passion – inspire them.
  7. Stephen Covey suggests that “We seek to understand, then to be understood!” so get those listening ears on!7 quick tip to 

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